Enterprise IT

Strategic Consulting

Your organization's strategy drives, and is influenced by, your enterprise IT strategy. It's a complex dance of systems, capabilities, goals, and KPIs. Emagine IT has the expertise to help guide you through every aspect of your strategy development.

Emagine IT's strategic consulting team works with you to determine the systems, capabilities, and people required to create and take advantage of opportunities at scale. Whether it's DoD, Civilian, State or Local, the Emagine IT team includes members who have been vetted and credentialed to engage and deliver in every arena and within every level of the government.

Engineering Solutions

Enterprise synergies, continuous process improvement, forward-planning – Emagine IT's subject matter experts provide high visibility strategic consulting services to maximize the value of every element of your operation.

Our strategic consulting expertise enables you to:

  • Expand your operations and markets through foreign military sales.
  • Align your enterprise architecture with your long-term growth goals.
  • Conduct policy analysis and management ensuring alignment with operational directives and goals.
  • Make portfolio management a cornerstone of future success.
  • Implement a culture of strategic planning so you can reach your ambitions.
  • Engage in technology scouting to remain at the forefront of enterprise IT.
  • Make quality assurance part of the fabric of your daily operations.
Greg Davis Chief Growth Officer
"One of the greatest aspects of this job is to be able to sit side-by-side with a client facing strategic challenges, and to work through it. Our team brings such an incredible wealth of experience and perspectives, they never fail to engineer a remarkable solution."

Why should you use our strategic consulting services?


Policy mandates, budget constraints, and security needs – the complexity of public sector enterprise IT is unmatched yet the need to deliver for constituents is a constant. EIT has the knowledge and skills to engineer strategic solutions accelerating the achievement of your mission goals.


Delivering value profitably is about balancing client needs, technological capabilities, and long-term roadmaps towards continuous optimal convergence: that’s what EIT’s consulting gives you - maximum value at every point of the delivery chain.

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