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Modernization & Integration

If you were starting from scratch, your enterprise would include nothing but current technologies. You’d construct it around cloud services, build in security and make it easy to operate and endlessly scalable.

Yet, even if your existing environment combines legacy applications, outmoded hardware and software and home-brewed connective tissue with current, extensible solutions, Emagine IT can help you streamline, modernize, and create an adaptable infrastructure... one driving smarter, faster business processes.

Strategic Consulting

Knowing where you’re going begins with knowing where you are. EIT will examine and assess your enterprise, then prioritize what changes would help you achieve your goals most. We’ll work with you on a roadmap to get you to the infrastructure you need to succeed.

Legacy Platform and Data Migration

Maintaining systems that are outmoded but still essential can command more resources than most organizations can sustain. We’ll work with you to identify and implement modern alternatives delivering greater throughput and connectivity to make your organization more effective.

Cloud Engineering and Advisory

The cloud can deliver speed, security, and flexibility. Getting there should be quick and secure as well. As one of less than 40 certified 3PAOs, and one of fewer still with advisory services, EIT’s cloud security and advisory experts enable clients to achieve rapid infrastructure and security modernization.

Change Management

“Rip and replace” is one approach to modernization. But it isn’t the answer for every situation. EIT’s experts will work side-by-side with your in-house teams to ensure a smooth transition from old to new, keeping disruptions – and anxiety – to a minimum.

Integration Services

Getting your current and new systems to talk to each other and hand off data seamlessly takes skill, expertise and experience. EIT’s experts know the best ways to configure and connect platforms for optimal performance.

Song Pak President
"Transforming older, stovepiped systems into open, high-performance enterprises is something we do every day. Plus, we get to work alongside our clients to get it done quickly and without the average user even knowing anything happened… until they’re suddenly more productive than ever!"

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Why should you use our modernization and integration services?


Digital transformation isn’t just a good idea that can save significant time, money, and resources. It’s a mandate, and EIT can help you get there. Working with your team, we’ll define and deliver a more mission-ready, flexible enterprise helping you control costs and improve service to customers and internal users alike.


Staying current is about staying competitive, and business demands more and more connected resources. Integrating new systems with existing ones takes more than just plugging in a box or opening up a port. We’ll help you understand what’s possible, what’s practical, and what’s necessary to stay ahead in a world that’s changing faster than ever.

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