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Application Development

Your organization, your processes, your goals are unique. While sometimes off-the-shelf products are right for the job, you often need a solution that solves your specific challenges. Before a line of code is written, Emagine IT starts every engagement by listening to your concerns and understanding your barriers to success.

Our approach combines the fast, iterative flexibility of agile methods, the tight integration of DevOps, and the secure federated approach of DevSecOps, to quickly bring you solutions enabling a more secure, more productive and effective workflow with measurably better results.

Enterprise Applications

The applications powering your business need to enable better collaboration and decision-making—whatever your workflow and wherever your people connect from. EIT will develop a scalable, secure solution that putting results on the fast track.

Mobile and Web Applications

In a mobile first, online world, your applications can either accelerate business or hold you back. EIT’s development team is skilled in every aspect of mobility, from back-end to UX. We create lightweight and powerful applications, which are comprehensive yet easy to use.

Application Customization

When COTS software provides the right starting point, but needs to be tailored to your environment, EIT’s development team can save you time and effort. Working alongside your in-house team, we’ll transform “what could be” into “what works” to power your business.

Cross-Platform Development

Customers and employees benefit from consistency across devices and operating systems. An application that works for them on their Windows desktop may be unwieldy on Android or iOS. EIT delivers applications designed to excel, no matter the platform.

Cloud Applications

SaaS and IaaS applications can accelerate business, but creating cloud-based and cloud native solutions demands an understanding of the environment, the users, and the various cloud platforms. EIT developers are well-versed in all these elements; the applications we produce make use of all of the cloud’s advantages.

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News Emagine IT Certified as a SAFe Bronze Partner Over the years, Emagine IT has committed itself to the Agile methodology as evidenced by awards on CMS SPARC and DHS FLASH. EIT is now a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Bronze partner thus demonstrating a deeper commitment to Agile best practices.

Why should you use our application development services?


With the acquisition emphasis on COTS products and the mandates to meet a raft of security compliance standards, identifying and customizing the right applications can seem daunting. EIT partners with your in-house team to ensure each solution, no matter how large or small, fully supports your mission.


Whether you need an enterprise-wide system of record or you’re enabling eCommerce for the first time, Emagine IT can get you there. Our experts work side-by-side with your team to ensure what we deliver solves your issues and enables business at a higher level than ever before.

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