Commercial Cybersecurity and Enterprise IT

AWS Consulting Services

As one of only six FedRAMP 3PAOs on the AWS Global Security & Compliance Acceleration (GSCA) Program, Emagine IT (EIT) provides a complete range of vetted cloud consulting services to companies across industries and public sector organizations.

Our cloud experts have helped hundreds of organizations migrate mission-critical workloads, architect environments to meet rigorous security and compliance requirements, develop serverless applications, leverage AI/ML, and more, to optimize business performance and increase long-term profitability.


GovCloud Advisory and Risk Assessments

EIT ensures that the world’s most innovative companies can provide their mission-oriented systems and applications to public sector customers rapidly and securely within their desired compliance framework(s), such as FedRAMP, DoD SRG, CMMC, HITRUST, NIST CSF, and more. EIT supports the US government and regulated industry customers with architecting, operating, and managing workloads in AWS GovCloud (US) regions to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation.

Cloud and Cybersecurity Engineering and Advisory

We drive infrastructure efficiencies through cloud engineering, advisory and assistance (A&A) services, automation, enterprise architecture (EA), and real-time monitoring.

AWS Cloud Architectures & Migration

EIT is comprised of AWS subject matter experts that enable our customers to reach the next level of cloud maturity including scale, optimization, and security of the AWS infrastructure. Our AWS services offer comprehensive 24x7x365 support, as well as professional services like migration and on-demand development.

Management and Governance

EIT works with customers to ensure cloud capabilities support and enable business strategies along with providing administrative control and oversight of all aspects of cloud computing. EIT partners with public sector customers to help improve their security posture and achieve their desired certifications and authorizations for mission critical IT systems within the AWS ecosystem.

Most in-demand service offerings:

  • Compliance Penetration Test: A compliance-driven offering to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. Performed in coordination with specific frameworks (e.g. FedRAMP, CMMC, SOC) that your organization is working toward. Offered for both initial compliance and continuous compliance.
  • Red Team: An offensive test of your organization's implemented defenses. This mimics an actual attacker attempting to infiltrate your organization to identify vulnerabilities that may lead to a data breach and/or complete system compromise.
  • Threat Hunt: Ensure that your defenses are properly tuned to match emerging and existing exploits being used by current threat actors.
  • Gap Assessment: Determine how your organization and your solutions align with your desired security compliance framework.
  • Risk Assessment: Conduct a cybersecurity and compliance risk assessment to evaluate your ability to protect sensitive data and information.
  • Accelerate and Streamline Compliance: Receive strategic guidance to align product roadmaps with security requirements. Conclude the engagement with turn-key, audit-ready system security documentation to achieve or maintain compliance with FedRAMP, SOC 2, etc.
  • Vulnerability & Detection Management: Establish vulnerability management programs to continuously monitor and address security weaknesses, reducing the risk of exploitation and potential breaches.

AWS Customer Success

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As a top 10 Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), EIT is uniquely positioned give our customers a competitive advantage for organizations competing in highly regulated industries across the public sector, finance, and health IT.