Enterprise Cybersecurity

Secure Cloud Services

The cloud should be a business enabler and a force multiplier. This means balancing speed with security, and management ease with enterprise-wide awareness.

Emagine IT understands the cloud’s unique opportunities and risks. Our engineers work alongside your IT team to mitigate threats without adding friction or complexity. In both government and commercial settings, we’ll work with you to build more flexible and resilient environments improving performance for every user.

Cloud Security Analysis

Spotting vulnerabilities in cloud systems and apps takes experience and expertise. EIT engineers not only know what to look for, but how to prioritize and minimize the risks.

Secure Cloud Engineering

Public, private, hybrid—what’s the most secure, yet productive solution? EIT can identify, design, and implement the right approach for your enterprise.

Strategy, Policy and Compliance

Cloud security is built on a comprehensive strategy and realistic policies to bolster security and compliance EIT’s experts will get you there.

Cloud Configuration

Misconfiguration is a leading cause of cloud breaches. EIT engineers know what to look for and how to configure your cloud-centric network for optimal security.

Adam Chun Director, Cybersecurity & Compliance
"Every day, I help my customers get the most from their cloud investment. They can focus on their missions, knowing their data, apps, and systems are secure."

Why should you use our secure cloud services?


The cloud gives agencies greater speed and agility, but carries with it a broad range of compliance requirements. EIT helps agencies identify issues, select technologies, and implement solutions which not only comply with regulations, but enhance business. And our deep experience delivering commercial solutions means faster, more cost-effective results based on best practices.


Agencies rely on trusted providers for their cloud infrastructure solutions. As a FedRAMP-accredited 3PAO, EIT is authorized to conduct risk assessments for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), giving your company the credentials required to deliver services and solutions to government—solutions that give agencies more agility and capability.

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