Enterprise IT

Operations & Maintenance

Your IT infrastructure is constantly changing and evolving, as your enterprise adapts to meet new requirements, add people, and extend their capabilities. Emagine IT gives you the thing you need most: control. Control over IT services and infrastructure. Control helps you stay ahead of issues, while ensuring optimal performance from endpoint to endpoint.

From PMBOK and Agile methodologies, to Lean Six Sigma and ITIL Service Management, we’ll partner with you and your team to map out solutions for strategic planning and IT governance, portfolio management, and enterprise program and project management – all to help you prosper in the face of ever-increasing demands.

Change and Configuration Management

From configuration to asset management, maintenance to licensing, EIT defines and implements streamlined processes removing the roadblocks to improvements. The result? An enterprise that adapts as needed, without limits.

Monitoring and Management

Knowing the condition of your entire enterprise at all times is the key to maintaining a stable and secure infrastructure. EIT’s solutions deliver real-time insights that lets you head off problems before they impact operations.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Support

Securing and protecting your systems and data is a 24/7 job. EIT has the expertise to support your security operations center (SOC) with vetted and credentialed team members to help you monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats in real-time.

Quality and Performance Management

Ensuring the systems and networks throughout your environment operate consistently and at optimal levels is essential. EIT works with you to establish baselines, to manage SLAs, and find opportunities to improve delivery to every user.

Lucas Aimes Chief Operating Officer
"The best equipment, the best software, the best architecture, the best implementation—these are the starting points. We work with clients every day to make sure their infrastructure delivers on its promises and supports better results across the enterprise."

Why should you use our operations and maintenance capabilities?


For most agencies, cloud-based systems work side-by-side with legacy solutions. EIT has the expertise to keep those disparate elements operating at ideal levels, both on their own and together. Also, we deliver unmatched technical program management in classified and unclassified environments, to make sure your mission goals are met.


When the market throws your business a curve ball, be ready. Sustaining a high-performance IT environment means making sure every element is tuned for optimal results, yet can adapt and evolve as needed. EIT ensures your enterprise can enable your long-term success.

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