Enterprise Cybersecurity

Penetration Testing

Knowing where vulnerabilities exist is essential to your cyber strategy, and penetration testing is essential to gaining that knowledge. With threats growing exponentially, Emagine IT’s highly-certified penetration testing specialists bring years of real-world experience to every engagement.

Through an array of test methods, we can identify critical holes in your security by showing you clearly where the greatest threats lay. Then, we work with your in-house team to minimize the threats to your systems, applications, and data while we help you establish and maintain a greater level of security than ever before.

Internal and External Testing

Testing externally-facing servers is crucial, but so is looking for weaknesses within your firewall, where insiders (or bad actors with stolen credentials) can wreak havoc. We’ll find the issues and help you seal the leaks.

Cloud Testing

With more organizations turning to cloud solutions, including hybrid clouds, the potential for security issues keeps growing. EIT can help ensure your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications are secure and configured properly.

Red Teaming

EIT can simulate real-world attacks that mimic the latest tools and techniques used by bad actors. This not only tests your technology, it can expose weaknesses in your policies and processes. Our experts can help you fortify your defenses and keep business moving.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming paramount for companies expanding into technology to reach mobile users. This expansion can also serve as an entry point for attackers to gain a foothold within your network. EIT can perform mobile application penetration tests to ensure that your company provides safe and reliable mobile applications to your clients.

Web Application Testing

Online applications can help drive greater user satisfaction but they can also be entry points for attacks. We can ensure your web applications support your business and your customers without exposing your systems and data to threats.

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Why should you use our penetration testing services?


You have a mandate to protect national security, IP, and citizens’ personal information. EIT works alongside your in-house team to find and fix the hidden weaknesses in your infrastructure, and help you achieve more every day.


A breach threatens your reputation as much as it can cost you your business. EIT’s penetration testing team finds and plugs even obscure vulnerabilities to give your organization a more secure platform—one that enables higher performance across your organization.

Learn more about our approach.