Enterprise Cybersecurity

Risk Advisory Services

The threat environment is constantly in flux with an array of disruptive technologies aimed at organizations of every description. How do you start to take back control and maintain an environment supporting your rapidly-evolving business demands? The answer is Emagine IT.

Working side-by-side with your in-house team, we will listen and engage so we can better understand your issues and goals. With our years of experience serving both government and commercial clients, we will deliver sound, practical solutions tailored to your unique environment.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

A high-performing organization is both secure and agile, able to deliver to users while protecting systems, data, and people. EIT can assess your current level of security and clearly prioritize your next steps.

Compliance Solutions

For both government agencies and commercial firms, compliance isn’t an option. As one of just a few 3PAOs, EIT delivers the expertise needed to get you there – and keep you there – quickly and cost-effectively.

Cyber Strategy Development

Has your strategy kept up with evolving threats and business demands? EIT works with you to redefine processes and policies, grow your cybersecurity leadership, and create an environment that’s built to perform.

Incident Preparation and Response

After a breach occurs is no time to figure out next steps. EIT helps you plan for ‘what could happen’ and works alongside your team to quickly resolve incidents, getting you back to business with minimal disruption.

Case Study FedRAMP Assessments and AuthorizationGet to market faster and reduce internal resource burdens as we work with you to identify, understand, and help you overcome your unique cyber compliance challenges.

Why should you use our risk advisory services?


Ransomware has brought organizations to a standstill, while malware, insider threats, identity fraud, and more threaten to deny you and your users access to essential data and systems. EIT finds and mitigates the vulnerabilities that keep you playing catch-up, giving you the freedom to focus on your mission.


Security isn’t an end state; it’s constantly evolving, due to changing threats and business demands. EIT can help you adapt to shifting priorities. Not only can we help you become more secure, we can also identify – and resolve – the limitations holding your organization back.

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