Enterprise Cybersecurity

Cyber Engineering

Security measures protecting systems and data shouldn’t slow down work or prevent users from reaching the information and services they demand. Yet, too often, those trade-offs appear to be inevitable.

Emagine IT’s skilled, highly-certified cyber engineers have the experience and in-depth knowledge to build in the security you need, while reducing the friction slowing down business. And, by design, we will work alongside your in-house team to ensure every solution helps you achieve your goals.

Risk Assessment and Advisory

EIT’s cyber experts will assess everything from system and application vulnerabilities to process issues that can leave you open to external and internal threats. We’ll then work with you to prioritize the risks and establish a plan of action supporting your goals.

Secure Design and Development

A secure environment is built that way from the ground up. But most organizations need to maintain or migrate legacy components to work alongside new systems. In every case, EIT can engineer secure solutions to set you up for success now and in the future.

Policy Analysis and Development

Security is more than a technology issue. It requires a mindset and culture that makes every user security-conscious. EIT advisors will work with you to refine your strategy, policies, and procedures to strengthening security and empower business.

Integration and Optimization

Whether you need to fine tune your current environment or bring in new, transformative technology, EIT’s cyber engineers can give your users the ability to work more productively, while maximizing security.

Aamir Saleem Chief Executive Officer
"Teaming with our clients ensures everyone uses their skills to the fullest. Working together ensures more effective security for each environment. Plus, they’re up and running faster."

Why should you use our cyber engineering services?


Government agencies have an obigation to the public adding to the challenges of regulatory requirements, budget restrictions, and the ever-changing threat landscape. With a mind for business and a deep understanding of numerous agencies’ environments, EIT engineers solutions, which go beyond compliance to support your mission while protecting critical assets.


For your employees, customers, and stakeholders, security is an expectation. But so is enabling business that keeps up with ever-growing demands, including evolving compliance standards. EIT’s cyber engineers understand this balance, and will work with you to achieve greater productivity while protecting the data, systems, and people that are your lifeblood.

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