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FedRAMP Advisory and Assessment Services

FedRAMPSM authorization is the gold standard of security assessments for many organizations seeking the services of a cloud service provider (CSP).

While a FedRAMP authorization is a federal credential, state agencies as well as commercial organizations now frequently make it a requirement when they issue an RFP.

As a Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program (FedRAMP) accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), Emagine IT is authorized to conduct independent security risk assessments for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Working hand-in-hand with your in-house team, we will identify, understand, and help you overcome your unique cyber compliance challenges as we walk you through the FedRAMP certification process.

FedRAMP Pre-Assessment

The first step in the certification process is to determine your organization’s readiness. How confident are you that you can move forward with your FedRAMP goals? Do you meet the FedRAMP showstoppers and critical controls? EIT will work with your team to identify how FedRAMP requirements may impact your organization’s operations and security architecture. These discovery activities are led by EIT’s subject matter experts through hands-on workshops and interviews with key personnel in your organization, culminating in a final report that describes critical gaps and prescribes recommendations for remediation.

FedRAMP Consulting & Remediation

EIT is positioned as an automation-obsessed industry leader to advise and support your compliance needs using your preferred choice of Open Security Compliance Assessment Language (OSCAL) or manual documentation. We enable our customers to turn tedious, copious, easily corrupted templates and files into OSCAL packages that are machine readable by the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO). Working collaboratively with your teams, we will identify, understand, and help you overcome your unique FedRAMP compliance challenges as we walk you through your FedRAMP preparation. With the gap assessment in-hand, EIT will work with your team to map out and engineer the ideal system architecture and to construct the environment and security practices within your custom-tailored System Security Plan (SSP).

FedRAMP Readiness Assessment / Readiness Assessment Report (RAR)

Some organizations may opt to pursue a FedRAMP Readiness Assessment to help market their platform and attract an agency sponsor. This step toward your eventual FedRAMP authorization does not require a full penetration test, but you must still demonstrate a level of maturity aligned with the FedRAMP security framework. EIT can quickly support this FedRAMP stage with a four-week assessment timeline that may lead to your “FedRAMP Ready” designation on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

FedRAMP Assessment & Attestation

As a FedRAMP 3PAO, EIT has performed thousands of security assessments across the federal and commercial landscape. Because EIT has been on both sides of the process, we believe advisors make the best assessors. Our subject matter experts are not solely focused on checklists. They understand which findings are real, rather than false flags that disrupt and slow down the assessment process. Working with EIT means you are mitigating risk and maintaining the agreed-upon timelines.

Through the FedRAMP assessment process, EIT will develop the required documentation, including a Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) to document assessment results, Security Assessment Report (SAR), and recommendation for authorization. EIT is on the leading edge of automation and OSCAL adoption, supporting the development and importation of OSCAL packages to automate the planning, execution, and reporting of cloud NIST compliance and assessment activities.

FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring (ConMonaaS)

Maintaining documentation and systems that are outmoded but still essential can command more resources than most organizations can sustain. FedRAMP is a continuous program, rather than just a project with a start and end date. The EIT team will establish and assist with the monthly, quarterly, and annual continuous monitoring activities and reports required to maintain your authority to operate. This offering can be integrated with your organization’s many compliance requirements, such as CMMC, FISMA, HITRUST, ISO, and more.

Authority to Operate on AWS

Emagine IT is able to offer Authority to Operate (ATO) advisory and assessment services, including FedRAMP, to solution providers running on AWS.


"Working with Emagine IT’s advisory team, we had a FedRAMP-compliant platform and all FedRAMP required documentation in less half the time usually required"
Michael Nicholas Executive Vice President, R&K Solutions

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