Enterprise Cybersecurity

Virtual CISO

Cybersecurity threats grow in intensity and subtlety daily. Organizations that don’t continually evolve their ability to identify and combat those threats are at ever increasing risk. How do you strategically gain and apply the knowledge to stay ahead of the threat environment? With an Emagine IT Virtual CISO.

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) from Emagine IT is an independent voice performing the same strategic role of a full-time CISO. We can do it in a more cost effective manner in helping your organization reach the highest levels of confidence in your security culture, policies and procedures, and long-term strategy.

Strategic Management

Executive-level leadership is crucial to implementing effective, long-term cybersecurity strategies. Virtual CISOs from Emagine IT have the experience and credentials to execute at the highest levels and are at home working with executive boards, key stakeholders, and regulators.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Oversight

An EIT Virtual CISO oversees every aspect of your security environment, addressing cybersecurity regulations, risk compliance and strategy, and enterprise security vision and strategy development.

Activities include:

  • Understanding the organization’s strategy and business environment
  • Real-time threat analysis and strategy updates
  • Future security and compliance challenge planning
  • Cybersecurity leadership
  • Security architecture development
  • Policy development
  • Cybersecurity standards
  • Operational security
  • Security remediation
  • Product evaluations
  • Technical guidance
  • Risk management

Cost-Effective CISO Services

Skilled full-time CISOs are highly sought after, expensive, and difficult to secure and retain. But many organizaitons don’t need a full-time resource to implement and oversee exceptional cybersecurity operations. A Virtual CISO from EIT can cost as little as 30% to 40% of a full-time resource.

Kris Martel Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Security Officer
"Virtual CISOs see cybersecurity from many angles across multiple organizations. I enjoy helping our clients in this way because we bring a comprehensive perspective to bear that others can’t match."

Why should you use our Virtual CISO services?


With the remote workforce expanding rapidly, and more agencies turning to cloud solutions, the potential for security issues keeps growing. Working with your team, an EIT Virtual CISO can help you enhance your security posture, while reigning in cost so you can do more.


Each day brings rising cybersecurity dangers threatening to outpace an organization’s risk mitigation capabilities. An EIT Virtual CISO partners with your team so you can stay ahead of the threat and deliver software and services to your clients at unprecedented levels.

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